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Swift Microwave Therapy For The Treatment Of Warts




Human papilloma virus (HPV)-related plantar warts are a prevalent ailment that patients seek treatment for. There are many different treatments available for adults, many of which have unimpressive outcomes, especially in the case of plantar lesions. 

Skin blemishes may now be treated using a brand-new portable microwave gadget called Swift. Previous studies have shown that immunostimulatory effects can prevent HPV infection. We describe the use of a brand-new portable medical microwave device, Swift, to cure an enduring plantar wart that has not responded to various forms of therapy. (Lim et al., 2017)


How Do Plantar Warts Occur?


Removal Of Warts


Rapid Microwave Therapy Technique


Swift Microwave Therapy Method


Swift Microwave Therapy Benefits

Swift microwave therapy offers numerous obvious advantages over traditional wart treatments.




Swift Therapy Hurts Or Not?

It may hurt when the wart heats up quickly to 42–45C. This only persists for a short period of time. The temperature range will not result in any serious harm to tissues or scarring because it is only a few degrees hotter than a hot bath. (Gupta et al., 2023)



Please let your podiatrist know if you have any of the following conditions: 


Swift: Is It Safe?

Yes! For the last few decades, microwaves have been employed in various therapeutic applications, including the treatment of cancer. They also appear in daily items like Wi-Fi and wireless Bluetooth earphones as well as kitchen appliances.

Because microwaves are a type of non-ionizing radiation, they cannot harm our DNA. Swift mixes them with minimal energy, concentrating the treatment on a specific area to only impact the wart.  The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration has given Swift its seal of approval for safe usage. (Gupta et al., 2023)



Swift microwave treatment is a brand-new, extremely successful, and FDA-approved treatment option offered by Dr. Norshae Robinson and her team at Meridian Podiatry for those with plantar warts. Swift wart treatment eliminates warts swiftly and virtually painlessly, in contrast to certain alternative treatments of plantar warts that can be uncomfortable and may not always be effective.

There are several reasons why a patient would desire to have warts removed, but plantar warts in particular can be aggravating and challenging to manage, particularly if they're chronic. Although wart removal frequently requires several treatments, it's beneficial if the procedure is quick and does not interfere with your daily activities.








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